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Our stock-based awards may consist of time-based or performance-based stock options, RSUs, restricted stock awards, or a. Since our spinoff from United Online, we have generally used RSUs for long-term incentive compensation for our executive officers. Our Compensation Committee develops its stock-based award determinations based on its judgment as to whether the total compensation packages provided to our executive officers, including prior stock-based awards and the level of vested and unvested stock-based awards then held by each participating officer, are sufficient to retain, motivate, and adequately reward the executive officers.

In addition, our compensation committee considers the potential dilution associated with the stock-based awards and the cost of awards relative to budget and to market capitalization. Stock Options. We believe that stock options, when granted with exercise prices equal to the fair market value of our common stock on the date of grant, provide an appropriate long-term incentive for our executive officers because they are rewarded only to the extent that, following the grant date of the options, our stock price grows and our stockholders see the value of their investment also grow.

While our equity compensation generally consists of RSUs, we did make option awards to certain of our named executive officers in In addition, in August we made one-time awards of stock options to our named executive officers, which were provided as a special incentive to motivate and reward growth.

Restricted stock awards and RSUs reflect both increases and decreases in stock prices from the grant-date market prices and thus tie compensation more closely to changes in stockholder value at all levels compared to stock options, whose intrinsic value changes only when the market price of shares is above the exercise price.

Restricted stock awards and RSUs also have retention value even during periods in which our trading price does not appreciate, which supports continuity in the senior management team. In addition, restricted stock awards and RSUs allow our compensation committee to deliver equivalent value with use of fewer authorized shares.

In August , we provided our named executive officers with a special, one-time, stock option award that was outside of the regular compensation program and is not expected to be repeated in Including the effect of the August one-time stock option grant, our Chief Executive Officer's target and actual total direct compensation, which includes his base salary, cash bonus incentive, and the grant date fair value of equity awards made in , was generally consistent with the median of our compensation peer group.

The total direct compensation of the other named executive officers was above the median as a result of the special one-time option awards. All named executive officers would have had below-median total direct compensation compared to our peer group if the special awards had not been granted.

Equity Award Mix. Our compensation committee may in the future adjust the mix of equity award types or approve different awards as part of the overall long-term incentive award. Awards made in connection with a new, extended, or expanded employment relationship may involve a different mix of time-based and performance-based stock options, RSUs, restricted stock awards, or other stock-based awards depending on our compensation committee's assessment of the total compensation package being offered.

Benefits and other compensation. We believe that establishing competitive benefit packages for our employees is an important factor in attracting and retaining highly qualified personnel. We maintain broad-based benefits that are provided to all employees, including medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, group life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, long and short term disability insurance, medical and dependent care flexible spending accounts and matching contributions in our k plan.

All of our executive officers are eligible to participate in all of our employee benefit plans, in each case on the same basis as other employees. Under our k plan, we are permitted to make discretionary contributions and matching contributions, subject to established limits and a vesting schedule. Consistent with our compensation philosophy, we intend to continue to maintain our current benefits for our named executive officers.

The Compensation Committee in its discretion may revise, amend or add to the named executive officer's benefits and perquisites if it deems it advisable. Severance and change in control benefits. Pursuant to employment agreements we have entered into with our executive officers, certain of our executive officers are entitled to specified double trigger benefits in the event of the termination of their employment under specified circumstances, including termination following a change in control of FTD.

The Management Bonus Plan provides for awards tied to corporate and departmental performance goals. These short-term cash incentives are designed to reward achievement against specific, pre-set financial goals and performance objectives measured over the fiscal year for which the award is paid. For , eleven potential levels of goal attainment from threshold to maximum were established for each financial performance goal. Level six of eleven represents the "target" level for financial goals.

The amount of the bonus award was based on the actual levels at which the applicable goals were in fact attained. Absent at least threshold attainment of each applicable goal, no bonus award would be earned with respect to that particular performance metric. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Compensation Committee could adjust the actual amount of a participant's bonus award if it determined that would be in the best interests of the Company to do so.

As to each departmental goal, the level of attainment of each such goal calculated as a percentage was determined from threshold to maximum. The Compensation Committee did not exercise its discretion to adjust the actual amount of any participant's bonus award under the Management Bonus Plan.

The results achieved for the revenue portion of the plan were 2. Sheehan's and Mr. Levin's achievement of their respective individual goals, Ms. Sheehan and Mr. Saunders and Mr. Moeller, respectively, in accordance with the tables below, depending on the Company's consolidated revenue and Plan Adjusted EBITDA results relative to the Corporate Goals and their divisional or departmental results. Saunders' and Mr. Moeller's achievement of their. Outperformance Option Awards.

The awards were not viewed as part of the regular annual compensation program and are not expected to be part of named executed officer compensation in The Compensation Committee used stock options with a life of approximately 5. We believe that these awards provide meaningful incentives to our named executive officers to achieve increases in the value of our stock over a critical time period.

We believe these awards also provide meaningful incentives for our named executive offers to find and implement post-Acquisition integration, growth and cost containment.

These awards directly align the interests of the award recipients and our stockholders and help to ensure that the participants are incentivized to maintain a long-term approach in our management.

Outperformance options were a one-time growth incentive program and we do not expect to grant similar awards again in The Compensation Committee does, however, retain the discretion to re-evaluate our compensation programs as needed.

RSU Awards. The RSU grants reflect the regular annual ongoing compensation program before the special, one-time, outperformance option program was added in the middle of the year. Tax and Accounting Implications.

The Compensation Committee generally structures and administers executive compensation plans and arrangements so that they will not be subject to the m deduction limit. However, to maintain flexibility in structuring appropriate compensation programs in the interest of shareholders, the Compensation Committee may from time to time approve payments that cannot be deducted.

For example, restricted stock unit awards made to certain employees may not be deductible for federal income tax purposes, depending on the amount and type of other compensation these employees receive.

In addition, since we retain discretion over compensation paid under our Management Bonus Plan, those awards also will not qualify for the exemption for performance based compensation. Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation. In and , we filed the proxy statements for our annual meetings as an "emerging growth company" under the federal securities laws and therefore were not required to conduct a stockholder vote seeking nonbinding advisory approval of the compensation of our named executive officers.

The annual meeting will be the first meeting at which we will conduct votes seeking approval, on a nonbinding advisory basis, of the compensation paid to our named executive officers and the frequency with which such votes will be conducted. Compensation Committee Report. Executive Officers. The following is a brief description of the capacities in which each of the executive officers has served during the past five or more years.

The biography for Mr. Apatoff appears earlier in this proxy statement under the heading "Proposal One: Election of Directors. Becky A. At Deloitte, Ms.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Ms. Sheehan was a partner with Arthur Andersen. She is a certified public accountant and received her Bachelor's degree in accounting from Illinois State University. Scott D. Levin earned a J. Rhys J. He joined Interflora in as Finance Director.

Prior to joining Interflora, Mr. Hughes held senior financial roles with Boots Opticians and Vision Express. Tom D. Customer Sales and Support from to Prior to Wrigley, Mr. Moeller served as. He is a graduate of Wartburg College and continued his executive education at Northwestern University and Cornell University. Summary Compensation Table. The base salary level, once increased, becomes the new minimum base salary.

The amount reported as base salary in the Summary Compensation Table also includes the portion deferred under our k plan, a tax qualified deferred compensation plan. Apatoff and Ms.

The grant date fair values are, in each instance, calculated in accordance with ASC and do not take into account estimated forfeitures relating to service based vesting requirements.

Sheehan in recognition of the successful completion of the Acquisition. The payments received by the named executive officers in the fiscal year pursuant to the dividend equivalent rights pertaining to United Online restricted stock units are not included as part of their compensation in the "All Other Compensation" column for the fiscal year. The aggregate amount received by each of the individuals who was a named executive officer for the fiscal year pursuant to dividend equivalent rights associated with United Online restricted stock unit awards was as follows:.

In , for Mr. Apatoff, we paid the portion of the insurance premiums for such coverage that otherwise would have been payable by him as required employee contributions the "basic insurance coverage premiums".

In addition, we also provided supplemental medical and dental coverage to Mr. Apatoff under the Exec-U-Care plan. These incremental benefits terminated prior to the Separation. Saunders, Mr. Moeller and Mr. Anne G. Grants of Plan-Based Awards. The shares of restricted stock vest ratably over a period of four years.

Option Exercises and Stock Vested. Apatoff, 23,; Ms. Sheehan, 6,; Ms. Saunders, ; Mr. Moeller, 2,; and Mr. Levin, 2, Employment Agreements. If Mr. He will also be entitled to any earned but unpaid bonus for the fiscal year preceding his termination and a prorated bonus for the year of termination based on the actual level of performance goal attainment or, in the case of an involuntary termination during the same year as the change in control event, based on his target bonus for such year.

As consideration for such severance benefits, Mr. If Ms. She will also be entitled to any earned but unpaid bonus for the fiscal year preceding her termination and a prorated bonus for the year of termination based on the actual level of performance goal attainment or, in the case of an involuntary termination during the same year as the change in control event, based on her target bonus for such year.

As consideration for such severance benefits, Ms. Saunders was party to an employment agreement with FTD. Following an initial term expiring in November , Ms. Following an initial two year term, Mr. Moeller's employment is terminated due to his death or. Equity Acceleration. In June , stockholders approved an amendment and restatement of the Prior Incentive Plan as so amended, the "Current Incentive Plan".

Under the Prior Incentive Plan, all outstanding options and restricted stock units will immediately vest upon a change in control, to the extent they are not assumed or otherwise continued in effect by the successor entity or replaced with an incentive compensation program that preserves the intrinsic value of the award at that time and provides for the subsequent vesting and concurrent payout of that value in accordance with the pre-existing vesting schedules for those awards.

Awards made pursuant to the Current Incentive Plan, however, are treated differently than awards made pursuant to the Prior Incentive Plan. Estimated Payments. The amounts included in the tables are estimates of the present value of the amounts that would be payable to the executive officer upon various types of termination of employment.

The actual amounts to be paid upon a termination cannot be determined until the event occurs. Related-Party Transactions Policies and Procedures. Pursuant to our Code of Ethics, without full disclosure and prior written approval, our executive officers and directors are not permitted to make any investment, accept any position or benefits, participate in any transaction or business arrangement or otherwise act in a manner that creates or appears to create a conflict of interest.

Our executive officers and directors are required to make such disclosure to, and receive the prior written approval of, our General Counsel and the Chair of the Audit Committee, or such other individual or committee of the Board of Directors as may be designated by the Board of Directors with respect to any related-party transactions.

A current copy of the Code of Ethics is available on our corporate website www. A copy of the Audit Committee's written charter is available on our corporate website www. In the course of the Audit Committee's review to approve or disapprove related-party transactions, the Audit Committee considers all of the relevant facts available, including if applicable but not limited to: the related party's relationship to us; the nature of the party's interest in the transaction; the benefits to us; the availability of other sources of comparable products or services; the terms of the transaction; and the terms available to unrelated third parties or to employees generally.

The Audit Committee will approve only those related-party transactions that are in, or are not inconsistent with, the best interests of our company and our stockholders.

The Audit Committee has established written procedures to address situations when approvals need to be sought between meetings. Whenever possible, proposed related-party transactions will be included as an agenda item at the next scheduled Audit Committee meeting for review and approval.

If a related-party transaction is approved in this manner, the action will be reported at the next Audit Committee meeting. Agreements and Transactions with Liberty. Investor Rights Agreement. Call for more information. Looking for an outgoing addition to our team. Concierge or Front Desk experience a plus. Experience required. Looking for experienced Licensed Customer Service Rep. For busy Big Pine Insurance Agency. Please contact Experience and references req.

Must be flexible with schedule and legal to work in the US. Hospitality experience preferred. Familiarity with room Master system a plus. Apply in person, United St. Applications are available at Artisans Duval St. The ideal candidate genuinely appreciates the Lilly Pulitzer brand and heritage, loves to sell, is organized and team oriented.

Understanding of the Lilly Pulitzer brand and Key West community is preferred. Good starting salary. Bachelors degree preferred. No Full-time experience? Must have excellent cusMust be licensed. Fax reable to work flex. Previous The Galleon Resort is medical exp. Please or GED. PTO, B retireneed to apply. This guarantee is for private individuals selling personal household goods and ads containing items with one price.

This offer good on guaranteed seller ads only. Apply in person at Zero Duval. Friday, 12Noon Tuesday Edition Wednesday, 5PM Auto Financing Autos For Sale SUVs For Sale Classic Autos Autos Wanted Auto Parts Heavy Equipment Recreation Scooters Motorcycles Travel Trailers Campers Marine Needs Marine Parts Powerboats Sailboats Houseboats Boats Teaching Opportunity Full Time Management Professor All word ad rates are placement fees and non-refundable for frequency days cancelled.

Due to our continued growth and success Hodges University has an immediate opportunity for a full time Management Professor at our learning site on the campus of Florida Keys Community College. The position requires a DBA or Ph. D in business or management. We offer a highly competitive compensation and benefits package. Phone calls welcome. If you have questions concerning requirements, please call the Monroe County Building Department at Assists the Director in day to day clerical and administrative activities.

Ability to work well with faculty, staff, and students essential. Generous benefit package. Close date: Wednesday, January 26, 4pm.

Applications and information available online www. Must be able to work Saturday, Sundays and all Holidays 7amam. The ideal candidate will have a flexible schedule as weekday hours may be required from time to time and during the training period. This position has extensive subscriber contact and requires excellent customer service skills, courteous phone manor, attention to detail, accurate computer data entry and a track record of reliable attendance at previous employment.

No phone calls. Must Have clean driving record. Background check required. Class A license preferred, but not required. Seeking loyal, hardworking individual looking for long term position. Interviews will be conducted on Jan.

Looking for a motivated, energetic professional in a busy office able see patients for primary care as well as urgent care. Great hours, Mon thru Fri 8am - pm, no weekends or holidays.

Medical insur. Fax resume to or call to schedule an interview. Selected candidate will provide customer service to prospective residents, handle all paperwork involved and consistently inspect grounds. Conduct move in and move out inspections. Reliability, capable of building relationships with others. Knowledge of MS Word and Excel, valid driver's license. Balfour Beatty Communities offers a competitive compensation package which includes health, dental, life insurance and k with employer match.

Bi-Lingual a plus. Good communication skills and attention to detail. Please Apply in person N. Roosevelt Blvd. Buying gold, silver, diamonds, Rolexes, Estate items. Miami prices, we pay cash. Large Old Town brand new 4BR superlux house. Own queen size bed, flat screen TV. Pvt swimming pool. Call Ken Available immediately. Please call Monday through Friday, pm only She died of cancer two years ago.

Her loss has been difficult and heartbreaking for all of us, especially my parents. I knew the in-law was planning something like this, and I asked that it not be done at the party. I feel like the work we have done to recover from the loss has been set back. I could use some good advice. It must have been devastating for them. Please do not blame yourself for what happened. Our divorce will be final soon. My soon-to-be-ex parades his girlfriend all over town and with our friends.

He claims it is over between us, yet he still comes over to mow the yard for me and do errands. He also comes here every Sunday to watch TV and visit. He says he wants to remain close friends even after the divorce.

My question is: What gives with him? Furnished or unfurnished. No pets. Soni , AvailFor one. All util included. Credit check. Conch house. MM23 Oceanside. Reef Fishing. Key Cove neighborhood of Summerland Key. Pets OK. Deepwater canal. Historic Hideaways has been providing customers with Vacation Rentals for over 20 years. Weekly, Monthly or longer. ProFurnished Homes fessional adults. Long Term. Now now. A perfect oasis! Porch, Pool, Pets Ok.

Your ex may be doing these things out of guilt. Your romance is, too. It was very embarrassing. I am 70, and my memory is no longer as good as it used to be. The woman should have made sure I knew who she was, because it could have saved both of us from embarrassment. I have always thought the best policy in these situations is honesty. To do so would not have been a breach of etiquette, and the encounter would have been less embarrassing for both of you.

Write Dear Abby at www. Box , Los Angeles, CA Call Compass Realty for an appt. Cats considered. Pets considered. New appliances. Happy New Year! Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. Full service property management. Stock Island. Includes sq. King can be 15 11 76 silvers 2CD Dandelon Preston info on MC9 2CD Dylan 9CD King, R.

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Webb's Chicken Shack 2CD Louis rehearsals, Fox Theatre St. Louis MO 1CD Richie Cray 1CD Tony Saputo ,. Ushers were. Jim Mizeur,. Steve Mizeur,. Rick Burris and Mark Cleary. Ringbearer was Nick Dodson. A reception was held at the Artisans Building. The bride received her master's degree in counseling from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

She is employed as a counselor at Catholic Charities. The couple will reside in Springfield. Bartolomucci — ald — ibt -. Patrick Gibbons. The bride is the daughter of Donald and Kay Garman of Jacksonville. The groom is the son of Robert and Annamae Hanauer of Girard. Serving as best man was Daniel Curl, with. Kirk Johnson,. Mark Cleary ,. Joe Bartolomucci.

Scott and Ralph Hanauer and Jeff Garman were ushers. Phillip DeFrates was the ringbearer. The couple will live in Springfield. Sauer — mizeur — larkin — elston — state farm — spi —.

Pam Mizeur. Bonansinga shg football. Cwlp — Griffin High School has announced its first semester honor roll. Students placing on the A honor roll must earn at least three A's with no grade lower than a B. Chad Slusarski and Tino Villaflor, seniors;. Joseph Bonansinga ,. Chris Laird,.

Brett Mizeur,. Michael Madonia ,. John Maurer,. Xa rocco at famserv -. Josie rocco — bangert - mizeur. Hand-Johnson Kristine M. Johnson and Allen E. Hand, both of Springfield, were married at 4 p.

Theodore Gall. Serving as matron of honor was Julie Hesson. Jolene Stephenson, Melissa Johnson,. Josie Rocco. Flower girl was Felicia Hand. Best man was Ted Adams. Steve Hesson, Joe Whiting ,. Zach Mizeur and Scott Bangert. Ringbearer was Chad Hesson. A reception was held at Sherman Athletic Club. The bride is a graduate of Southeast High School.

She is employed by the state Department of Commerce and Community Affairs. The groom attended Hillsboro High School. He is a self-employed contractor. Posted by Rick Pearson at p.

By picking McKenna, Cross effectively dismissed the governor campaigns of two legislative colleagues — state Sens. McKenna, who headed the Illinois GOP for four years before giving up the post in August, has billed himself as a political outsider who would change Springfield. Cross, a year legislator, has been leader of the House GOP minority for the past six years. McKenna, an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican U. Senate nomination, is among seven GOP contenders for governor. During his tenure as party chairman, McKenna was unable to reverse GOP fortunes by getting a Republican elected statewide in the aftermath of the scandals that imprisoned former Gov.

George Ryan. All three criticized an agreement reached by Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and regional transportation officials that would use borrowing to forestall a fare increase for the Chicago Transit Authority — although service cuts are expected.

And Murphy also took a shot at Dillard — though not by name — over a vote for higher regional sales taxes for mass transit. All that dumb maneuver succeeded in doing was for the curious to begin googling — and to compare notes via email- regarding all the time he has ALREADY spent with corrupt Illiniois political insiders and betraying the GOP. Director since Class of Aon in ftl - Mckenna — aon — mcdonalds.

Richard myers —. Chrmn joint chiefs. Business leaders aim to revive Illinois GOP. By: Paul Merrion Sept. After losing the last two gubernatorial races and every statewide race two years ago, when divisive primaries produced relatively weak candidates,. Some members of the finance committee have been meeting privately with potential candidates over the past year. But insiders say the finance committee includes top donors.

Business leaders are trying to restore the party's traditional role in tapping nominees, which has diminished amid recent scandals that drove the Illinois GOP from power and discredited its leadership.

That weakness opened the door for wealthy upstarts such as dairy magnate Jim Oberweis and investment banker Jack Ryan, who both won GOP nominations in self-financed races but couldn't get elected. There's no guarantee the effort to reassert party control will work. Self-funded candidates or single-issue activists could still draw enough support to win crowded primaries, and business-backed contenders lacking grass-roots support could be labeled candidates of business as usual rather than reformers.

Peter Huizenga. William Strong. Andrew McKenna Jr. Bruce Rauner. Steve Preston. Ron Gidwitz. Still, Mr. McKenna says "the No. Some conservatives view slate-making with suspicion and doubt business leaders seek candidates with strong views on abortion or other social issues.

House two years ago. Fahner says a smaller group of eight to 12 Chicago-area business leaders has been meeting periodically with prospective gubernatorial candidates. They are looking for someone relatively young who can bridge the divide between the party's conservatives and moderates, as former Republican governors James R.

Thompson and Jim Edgar did for many years. Aside from several statehouse leaders known to be eyeing statewide races, Illinois Chamber of Commerce President Doug Whitley may throw his hat in the ring. Whitley told his Springfield-based business group's board last week that he was forming an exploratory committee to weigh a bid. Another who might fit the bill is Mr. Paul, Minn. Rauner declines to comment.

Steve Preston, the U. He is the former chief financial officer of ServiceMaster Co. Preston also declines to comment. Chicago executive Ron Gidwitz, who lost a primary race for governor in , has been mentioned as a possible contender in , as well. Gidwitz says. Fahner won't discuss which prospective candidates have met with his group but says, "They're people who've accomplished something at this stage of their lives and are still plenty young enough to give the party a new face.

Greg Hinz contributed reporting for this article. Aon Board of Directors. Andrew J. In addition, he is a Director of Click Commerce, Inc. Richard B. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Myers served as the fifteenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 1, until his retirement on September 30, In this capacity, he was the highest-ranking officer in the United States military, and served as the principal military advisor to the President, the Secretary of Defense and the National Security Council.

Lauderdale, United States of America. Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America. By , year-old Terri Hjelmeir had done it all. She'd done a lot of bad things; slashed her wrists in a suicide attempt, overdosed, washed out of detoxification clinics. She was in a Baltimore, Md. It was called The Seed. She enrolled Terri. I've never been back on drugs. It absolutely changed my life. No more.

In early November, when construction of Interstate forced Barker to move his last facility from a sprawling acre complex on State Road 84 in Davie to a small building at. Broward Blvd. Barker, now 63, works today with only about 20 clients, all of them adults. He has a family-sized staff of four and a yearly budget he says is less than half what it was in his s heyday.

But rough and rowdy youths were his only clients when he opened his first treatment center on Andrews Avenue in Over the years, more than 7, kids put their troubled lives in his hands. To most, he was a life-changing miracle-worker. But to outsiders, he was a Svengali-like figure holding sway over impressionable youths in a near-cultish compound. Petersburg, even Cleveland, Ohio, he made headlines. Those days are gone. He hasn't granted an interview in years.

He tucked his 2,square-foot treatment center here along a row of unpretentious professional offices in a move logged only in courthouse records. Though the facility fits the existing zoning rules for its neighborhood, the local homeowners' association wasn't happy to see it arrive. Victoria Park. Civic Association. Since The Seed isn't housing clients there, at this point they can say they're not a congregate facility.

But if they try to start housing these people in our neighborhood, we'll start screaming. You can bet on that. He says he doesn't plan on The Seed returning to its headline-grabbing past.

Indeed, the offices are small, the operation quiet. The office has room enough for a discussion area in the back, a medical exam room, and a few offices. It's all the space the operation needs now, Barker says. A shock of short white hair is combed conservatively forward. A gold necklace and gold bracelets are the only physical reminders of the flashy past. We were the first people to deal with the youth drug problem. It was like trying to stop a tidal wave by holding up your hands.

Now there are drug clinics for teens on every street corner. We've adapted our program to people who are slipping through the cracks. We're smaller, but The Seed is as successful as it ever was. The self-trained counselor -- a one-time nightclub comedian and reformed alcoholic -- started leading troubled teens in emotion- charged rap sessions, a treatment program unlike any in the country.

He promised them a life free of drugs and full of hope, love and redemption. But Barker's harsh criticism of anti-drug efforts in schools, other treatment centers and law enforcement agencies -- coupled with his demanding, crash-course treatment -- kept the center in a swirl of controversy. The daily regimen completely removed teens from their previous environments.

Days were spent in hours-long rap sessions and personal counseling. At night, teens went to homes of other, "foster" parents or counselors involved in the program. The months-long program was so intense that some graduates remember friends planning to "bust them out. He stubbornly claimed 90 percent of his students graduated from the program and went on to lead successful, drug-free lives. Other centers said that figure was impossibly high. Investigations followed, including an inquiry by a U.

Senate subcommittee on constitutional rights. The state Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, which licenses rehabilitation centers, has never set a uniform standard to measure a program's "success," said Harry Moffett, a senior analyst with HRS in Tallahassee. If a patient quits the program, is he counted? Every center can legally define that differently. He says updates are conducted annually. Though some students quickly dropped from the program, complained of pressure or reverted to a life of drugs, many graduates don't hesitate to credit Barker and The Seed with overhauling their lives.

Hjelmeir and other Seed alumni reunited at the center recently to talk with a reporter about the program and what it has meant to them. When his parents entered him in the program in , he was smoking marijuana four to five times a day and drinking heavily, Perloff said. After completing a program at The Seed , he finished high school and college, eventually graduating at the top of his class from the University of Miami Law School.

For others, like Larry, an unemployed North Miami Beach commercial artist, the program didn't take. Clybourne Park ends with a visually beautiful, emotionally harrowing coda, challenging the notion that anything has changed all that much in 50 years.

L husky. Michael Underhill stars as CB Charlie Brown , who spirals into an existential depression after his dog dies. Lizette M. Morris directs. ArtsEmerson hosts the production, which tells a surreal story of a slave ship appearing in mod- ern-day New York City. James Bundy directs.

John Geoffrion helms the play, which tells a what-if story of Germany inviting six million Jews to resettle in their country. John Deschene directs the Theatre First staging. Amelia Broome stars in this New Rep staging. Dan Rodriguez handles the music direction in this Moonbox Produc- tions staging.

Keira Keeley stars 54 Half off all the time. Cath- erine begins to fear that she may have more in common with her father than she thought. Caitlin Lowans directs the Hunting- ton Theatre production. David Lutheran plays a Union light- house keeper, and Brendan Mulhern plays a Confederate soldier in need of rescue. Jeremy Johnson directs. Robin Richard helms the Your Theatre, Inc. Nancy Curran Willis directs. Amanda is essayed here by erstwhile ART leading lady Cherry Jones, but the two-time Tony winner, dog- gedly charming in her antebellum tatters, is but first among equals.

Zachary Quinto is a brooding if quicksilver Tom, his sad fondness for his damaged sister palpable. As Laura, who literally slides in and out of the play through the couch cushions, Celia Keenan- Bolger is a trembling whiff of a girl fiercely trying to come out of her shell. And Brian J. Smith is all bonhomie and compromised dreams as the Gentleman Caller. Kevin G. Coleman directs. Shana Gozansky directs this Harold Pinter one-act about an unusual love triangle. Liesl Tommy directs. The work features Daniel Berger-Jones and Phil Tayler playing roughly a dozen parts: extras, movie stars, women, children, parents, teachers, and one callous British director.

The play piles punch lines high through the first act, only to deliver a walloping emotional blow just before the in- termission break. And just when the device of two ac- tors playing a whole town begins to get a little tiring, the play gracefully buoys itself up to a joyful conclusion that feels earned.

Three teen-age boys — Jessie Misskelley Jr. Thus, no lawsuits, no restitution, and no Arkansas cops burdened with finding the real killer. The ugly truth is that without the help of celebrity activists such as Henry Rollins and Johnny Depp, no outrage would have arisen, and these men would never have been freed. Unfortunately, Berg throws the whole case into an aesthetic blender. The case is more intriguing than the film about it.

After leaving his native Beijing, Hu had previously acted in more than 30 films and worked as a set designer in Hong Kong. Both are being presented in gorgeous new prints in this essential, eight-fea- ture retrospective at the Harvard Film Archive. Sounds like Fyodor Dostoevsky back in 19th-century Russia, which may be why Zeki Demirkubuz has taken inspiration from the great novelist.

At last finding FestIvAL someone more miserable than himself, a benumbed prostitute, he joyously spurns his last chance at redemption. Both are torn by guilt, by duty, and by dubious notions of manhood. As always, the festival offers an exciting and eye- opening glimpse into a rich national cinema yet to get proper recognition. Not even Bill Murray can get away with appearing as John Wayne giving Swan macho advice — and a Winchester to deal with an attack by female warriors.

Held in stasis by a shared gravity field, the dual system consists of Up Above, a chi-chi world that holds sway over desolate Down Below, which looks like Gary, Indiana, by way of London during the Blitz. Brad Anderson directs. Gary Cooper tries hard but is miscast as one of the trio; Fredric March, who plays his friend, is charming, as are Miriam Hopkins as the lady they love, and Edward Everett Horton as her silly, wealthy husband.

At the twilight of the Yuan Dynasty, freedom fighter Wendy owns a prosperous inn frequented by beggars, assassins, and dignitaries. The inn becomes a hotbed of political espionage, including the execution of a Mongol warlord — turns out the flowery femmes fatales were just warming up.

He also wrote an page unfinished sequel and a voluminous autobiography, and he cut out hundreds of pictures of little girls. His paintings, all beautifully colored and composed with sophistication, feature girls, often naked and often with little penises, sometimes frolicking in flowered meadows, sometimes eviscerated, crucified, or roped More Movies!

Akiko Rin Takanashi , a college student by day, leads a deceptive night life as a call girl, lying to her boyfriend about where she is and what she does. But there might be some kind of salvation when her pimp sends her for an engagement with an aging retired college professor Tadashi Okuno , who, instead of bedding Akiko, prepares her dinner and treats her with benevolence.

Also, is it a coincidence that the stooped professor is called Mr. The film works on several levels: as a version of the play, as an account of how the play was staged, and as a reflection of the lives of the inmates in the cast. One feels reluctant to call his daytime life in menial labor real when his realms feel so much more richly lived. The picture moves along like a bumptious, nihilistic sci-fi comic, with ticklish details peering out of every scene.

Look for Tracey Walter as the philosophizing car attendant. Superbly matched, the two actors make triumphant sense out of the conflict. The most recent casualty is electronic music. When radio stars repurpose certain techniques womps, wobbles, and drops included for the sake of producing tween singalongs, it sours many on the prospect of pop and EDM ever coexisting.

And rightfully so. These efforts are often transparent, shallow, and calculated with clear cash-grubbing intentions. Guy and Howard Lawrence seem to exist as the inverse of this equation. And instead of bludgeoning us with the most garish piss-take this side of Diplo remixing Psy, they opt to build off the sultry bounce of UK garage and 2-step — genres perfected on that namesake isle the duo also call home — in- jecting a dosage of pop sensibility after the fact.

The first single from their forthcoming debut LP possesses as much propulsion as any Top fodder while still remain- ing coyly catchy thanks to a vocal contribution from Sam Smith. We have a fun factor. At the time, the group were caught in a vortex of negative publicity following the release of their album Adios on April 20 — a day that two of their fans in Colorado decided to use as the date of their planned high school massacre.

In the wake of Columbine, Konietzko and Co. He enjoyed playing drums in Murder Practice, a high school hardcore band, but when he left for college he had to abandon them. In his new environment, he got into Apparat, Modeselektor, and Aphex Twin before moving onto more ambient stuff.

He launched Blackbird Blackbird as Bye Bye Blackbird in summer , and its discography has quickly grown. It also takes courage to lead a rock band playing your own autobiographical, if cryptic, songs. For Lainey Schooltree, it has been a long trip transitioning from one to the other. In January , her ass-kicking musical-comedy duo the Steamy Bohemians were dormant, and Schooltree was desperate to create.

She had been writing more serious-minded music since she was a kid, but was afraid to show it off. As a personal dare, she took the RPM Challenge, writing, producing, and recording an album in the space of one month. The last step was to put together a band to play the music, a prospect Schooltree had found intimidating.

They celebrate the release of their first album, Rise, this weekend. But it is heavily influenced by melodic prog rock, which can be a tough label to sell.

Schooltree, the band, will continue to cater to the off- beat, and will include some cabaret acts before the music starts at the Lizard Lounge.

JANUARY MHz Frequency Counter Build a useful addition to your workbench! The Audio Coupler Add an audio input to your cassette deck! ocket Strobe Find that model rocket, even at night or in tall weeds! erso al Pockèt Paqer Keep in touc at home, work, or play wim our build -it- urself transmitter /receiver pair! Build e Speedi -Watt It's a light dimmer, a motor.

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