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Pseudo Silk Kimono - Marillion - Keyboard Landscape (Vinyl, LP)

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No customer reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Nominally a concept album, this is not so much a story, as series of individual tracks blended together to form a coherent, beautifully constructed piece as Genesis did with "Supper's Ready". The album opens with orchestral keyboards introducing Fish on the brief but melodic "Pseudo silk kimono". This leads into a couple of what might be considered surprise hit singles. These two tracks manage to achieve the usually elusive feat of blending in completely on a classic prog rock album, while simultaneously holding a wide commercial appeal.

The "Lavender" theme reappears in instrumental form later on side one, as part of a powerful lead up to the closing track on LP side one , "Heart of Lothian". The title of this track relates to Fish's Scottish heritage, Lothian being the area in which the city Edinburgh is located one of the city's football clubs is "Heart of Mid-Lothian".

Side 2 is the slightly weaker side, but it's all relative, and in CD format the album flows well from start to finish. In summary the best album by far from the Fish era, and possibly the best Marillion album to date.

A special 2 CD edition was released a few years ago, containing studio rehearsals of the final tracks. This album is a real concept and progressive album. The keyboards, the guitars, the vocals, the drums are in a perfect harmony! The 2 ballads Kayleigh and Lavender are really essential: they give to the album a romantic touch; that's why many young female teenagers like this album! The romantic moods are also present in many other parts of the album, because of guitar and keyboards arrangements.

Many heavy metal fans like this album, because of the guitar. Finally, the music is complex enough to be liked by real prog fans in search of always more sophisticated albums. Extremely recommended! In my opinion, there are two things that bound to any kind of music: 1. This album has fulfilled both excellently. Anyone can also relate the "I was born with the heart of Lothian" with their own interpretation of "Lothian" or any national anthem.

I think this is the strong point of this album, story-wise, as it was born from actual experience of the lyricist. Be it a real story or an imagination. For those of you who are new in prog rock, this album is a must.

You won't regret as there are "ear candy" pop stuffs like "Kayleigh" and "Lavender" as as well as nice melody and stunning prog music. The music of MC is beautifully crafted, well structured in terms of composition. All 10 songs were organized into two parts. I guess this is due to the availability of two-side LP when the album was created. Otherwise it would be a one piece of music.

The transitions piece, I think, has successfully accentuated the story and created a solid music nuances. Considering this is a concept album, there is NO tag line melody that is typically used repeatedly throughout the album.

Each song carries its own melody and identity. Mixed together, they create a great music composition. This makes the album is worthy for exploration. The 2 CD version is better as later you would enjoy the other version of MC. You should listen to CD 2 after you get used to CD1. Rothery's guitar work at the background is really nice.

Disappearing sound of "Pseudo.. It's a catchy transition here. This track transcends various relationships that Fish had experienced with bitter end as he was so committed with his career to be a famous singer. Again, at he end of this track a piano sound brings the music to "Lavender" nicely. In the first part of "Bitter Suite" Fish sings in a poet reading style "A spider wanders aimlessly.. The music has transformed to a little bit spacey kind of music. The only unique thing is at vocals here.

The tone has then climbed up when he sings "A train sleeps in a siding.. This part ends nicely with "Her mother said she's beautiful, her daddy said 'a whore'". Terrific piece, melodically really! I consider "Bitter Suite" is the trunk, melody-wise, of the album especially when at the third part Blue Angel when Fish sings "J'entend ton Coeur" the music moves fabulously with slow piano, keyboard and guitar sounds to the beautiful melody of fourth part Misplaced Rendezvous.

What a wonderful piece here, my friend!! It's damn nice! But the ecstasy has not ended yet as when the lyric part reaches "The parallel of you..

It then bring you to fifth part Windswept Thumb "On the outskirts of nowhere.. The climax is really at the "Heart of Lothian" where the music brings together to a relatively higher tempo than the preceding tracks. Wide boys! It rocks! I admire Fish technical ability to sing seamlessly "rooting tooting cowboys, Lucky little ladies at the watering holes. Part 2 B side is much energetic and really stunning.

The band does not allow any poppy touch in any of five tracks that make up Part 2. You may observe how brilliant the transition between this track to the next "Lords of the Backstage". They have nice melody! Hey, I bet you would say the next track "Blind Curve" is another really really wonderful track! I never imagined that human kind could create a very stunning, well structured, and nice melody musical composition as great as this track.

From "Last night you said I was cold.. It might require 3-page review for this track only. It's really a great track! The other two tracks are excellent also. Relating to reading a book, it seems to me that the concluding track is like the ending of the story. Brilliant work! So, what do you think? This is one of those albums which are only good if you look at the whole package instead of the separate songs. Considering the songs as individual tracks I would say a maximum of 2 stars would be possible.

Separately seen, there are only two songs on the album which I think are superb: that is the epic Blind Curve track and the moody opening song Pseudo Silk Kimono ; the first being a long suite with various changes in moods -varying from light and optimistic to dark and depressing- and great instrumentation. The second being a very dark and brooding song which only features layers of synthesizer sounds and Fish's distinctive vocals.

If I look at Marillion's Misplaced Childhood album as a concept album instead of a collection of individual -sometimes linked- songs, I can enjoy the album a lot more. This probably has to do with the fact that all together the album tells the listener a story, a bit depressing story, but hey, it is the Fish who is writing the lyrics, so that sort of speaks for itself.

His lyrics are again very poetic and dramatic, but this album shows a bit of a change regarding the complexity of his lyrics. The meaning of his words are more obvious than on the previous Script for a Jester's Tear and Fugazi albums. This is a good transition with the last Fish-era Marillion album, 's Clutching at Straws -that album included lyrics that were even more down to earth than those found on this album.

I always felt that the albums that Marillion wrote with Fish on vocals were one big suite, starting with Script for a Jester's Tear and ending with Clutching at Straws. Displaying the somehow Misplaced life of the Fish man. Misplaced Childhood is no exception and can really be seen as part three in this series of autobiographic pieces of art. A first-time listener should not be put off by the undoubtedly commercial 'Kayleigh' and 'Lavender', as these short songs lend their central themes to the more progressive developments later in the album.

This makes Misplaced Childhood a whole greater than the sum of its parts - FISH is, after all, an acquired taste as a vocalist, and the musicianship is not outstanding. And it is this journey that lifts the album above all other 'neo-progressive' efforts. The lyrics take us through themes of lost love, ruination and despair, both personal and that of wider society, but offer us a glimmer of hope at the journey's cathartic end.

To my mind this sort of journey is an important function of progressive music often overlooked by listeners and reviewers alike. However, this is clearly a s record, with superior production values and sensibilities. The wonderful synthy opener Pseudo Silk Kimino sets the tone for this album, with guitarist Steve Rothery and keyboardist Mark Kelly laying the groundwork for Fish's powerful vocals and arguably even more powerful lyrics.

It soon breaks into Marillion's definitive pop song, the glorious Kayleigh, which conjures up all sorts of images of love among the ruins of the bitter Thatcherite UK experience. The almost-as-memorable Lavender a penny for your thoughts, my dear! The five part Bitter Suite is a soundscape over which Fish initially recites a poem, before a Steve Rothery solo leads into an moving description of Fish's encounter with a French prostitute which musically echoes Lavender.

Heart Of Lothian is one of those pieces that makes comparisons with middle-era Genesis or rather Peter Gabriel vocals with Mike Rutherford on guitar and Tony Banks on synth Waterhold Expresso Bongo is an ultra-busy piece in which underated drummer Ian Mosley gets to shine.

It segues into the relatively forgettable Lords Of The Backstage which has one of those stuttering offbeat rhythms prog bands are obliged to churn out from time to time , but there is nothing ordinary about the epic Blind Curve.

Incorporating some delicate Steve Rothery acoustic guitar moments and atmospheric Mosley drumming, this album centerpiece is one of the more emotionally gripping tunes a progger is likely to encounter, although it's worth repeating that Marillion's strongest card is Fish, and not one of the instrumental players.

The mood gets so intense that it almost needs a lighter pop-rock song like Childhood's End? Childhood's End? The closer White Feather is just that This pop-prog masterpiece is surely one of the finest releases of the 80s in fact it is Marillion's own Script For A Jester's Tear that tops it! It should be said though that while I think Marillion was a dominant player among its contemporaries, I don't rate these guys among my top 50 prog bands.

Whatever the mitigating factors might be, I love this album. To tell the truth, the keyboard sound was the magic from which I was drawn deeply into a distinctly flavored s-style progressive rock opus. I was so amazed by the beautiful sound came out from the speakers. The music flowed seamlessly, and expressively moving. Catchy melodies -- and eloquently guitar playing that reminded me of Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett -- spread across almost every songs, telling a personal story about childhood experiences and self-confessed of rock star-type indulgences.

When I finally bought my own copy shortly afterward, also a cassette version, and had time to listen to it myself, I grew completely sure I wasn't wrong with my first impression. And I am not make any mistake indeed as I always find new experiences and nuances each time I listen to it. Even nowadays, when I already got the CD version from a sale at a record store in Singapore. This album is a masterpiece. Every song of this third Marillion's release is great, with a pop feeling that make this album a bit commercial, but it isn't bad in my opinion.

Kayleigh, Lavender, Childhood's End? The job by the musicians except the awful Ian Mosley is wonderful, specially the Steve Rothery's guitars, and the Fish's lyrics are marvellous, while he sings very much better than the two previous albums.

He made a great and very personal work here, and it's hard for me to say that, because I clearly prefer Marillion with Steve Hogarth Recommended for people who want to hear the best progressive made in the 80's. From the opening synths of Pseudo Silk Kimono to the fade out chorus of White Feather, the listener is taken on a journey that tackles love, loss, despair, and triumph.

The highlight tracks are Bitter Suite, which is a suite tackled within a 5 minute mainframe, Heart of Lothian, with a thumping chorus that is catchy and mesmerizing, Blind Curve, which features a stunning Rothery guitar breakdown, and the resiliant Childhood's End, which features a standout performance from Pete Trewavas. All of these songs feature brilliant choruses, stellar riffs, and mesmerizing vocals.

Overall, this is one of the jewels of the Marillion crown, no fan of the group should go without it. Neo-Prog doesn't get much better than this. Arguably one of the best in it's genre, Misplaced Childhood is a masterpiece of progressive music that no one should go without listening at least once. After this album I practically stopped listening to Marillion, though I've been planning to catch up with their Hogarth-era production.

I'm really sorry to destroy what to many people is a myth, but this pompous, pretentious, uninspiring album was really a big disappointment. The album starts with the very spooky Pseudo Silk Kimono witch effectively maps out the album's theme for you in just 2 minutes.

However once their done sending shivers down your spine they segue into what is probably progs most poppy song that is still undeniably prog, Kayleigh. It was also the song that made them stars to the general public but more importantly it showed that this was not going to retrace the steps of either Script for a Jesters Tear or Fugazi. Indeed, the album is punctuated by short, clever blasts such as Lavender, witch continues the story after Kayleigh, around the 2 centre pieces, Bitter Suite and Blind Curve.

Its these 2 songs that really make Misplaced Childhood as good as it is. Bitter Suite continues the theme of lost love and dreams wonderfully, whilst Blind Curve shows the pitfalls and trappings that can bring one down in the pursuit of that dream as you get closer to attaining it. The album finishes off by first accepting all that has come before it and then giving the most feel good ending to a song since Genesis' Suppers ready yes I know its another Genesis reference but this ones deserved.

Musically all members are firing on all cylinders in this album but overall it does lack that final spark that was so evident on Script for a Jesters Tear and Fugazi. Perhaps Fish getting over his paranoia and insecurities was good for him but he did write some amazing songs with them and that last edge went with them. Overall this is better than Fugazi but just lacks that last bit of magic to beat Script for a Jester Tear.

It's still a masterpiece though and should not be turned down for anything. The perfect album is like that too. Almost never happens, but we keep buying them and playing them and reading about them and hoping that just every so often, even just once, we will lay that vinyl on the rubber mat or slide the disc into the tray or close the lid of the tape player — and our world will change forever.

So yes — this is one of those albums for me, no doubt about it. I still have the original vinyl release that I bought in the summer of , and I still play it. But every once and a while the kids are busy being kids, the wife is shopping, and the cats are chasing mice or whatever it is that cats do. And sometimes, on those rare occasions, I lay out the vinyl and drop the needle - and I just disappear. This album came out during what was supposed to be the summer after my final year of college.

I had a girlfriend at the time too; well, to be more precise, I had an infatuation at the time, and I used to meet her in the student lobby every day and bring her a single white rose, then just sit and look at her in the afternoon shade while she read her books.

We hung out some and I imagined that it was more than it was, but one day while driving home from dinner she informed me that she was a lesbian and was moving away to be with another woman. Open chest, shred heart. So I wandered down to the mall and joined the Marine Corps, basically just to reaffirm my manhood and all. Seems kind of drastic now in retrospect. Great cover, really clean, sharp airbrush of some kid in a military-school getup holding a parrot, or bluebird, or magpie — whatever.

So I pretty much expected to be lifted up and blown away. Well, blown away I was. And anyway, I eventually crawled out of that fetid hovel of a sh! But still, twenty years later and worlds away from that life, I still find my way into that place that Fish and company introduced me to in that other place and time, and it still leaves me breathless.

Fish has said in later interviews that the album concept was inspired by a day-long acid trip, and the supernatural tones and his whispered murmurs evoke that feeling just moments into the listen. Steve Rothery could have convinced me to shave my head and sell trinkets in airports had he been inclined to after hearing the supernatural sounds that emanated from his guitar strings on this song.

But it could have been, right? Much more poignant than the reality, for sure. Still we are traveling back in time together — Fish, Marillion, my thoughts and me, and the next scene is a bit closer to my reality of those childhood days before all this sh! A penny for your thoughts my dear, a penny for your thoughts my dear; I. But this childhood dream, like the childhood is represents, is chased away by the growing shadows of time, and I wake to find myself back in the now.

A dank, dark street fills my view, all strewn with trash and filth and broken dreams; and inhabited by others of the walking wounded who are also seeking a moment, or even just a touch, or just a diversion to distract the reality of what is, and the terrible weight of what cannot be undone.

This is too much reality now — its time for another flashback to somewhere else. Do we really need a playback of the show? To me, it is a place where everything is okay, and the people in the crowd raise their glasses and call my name, the mood is light and the music is sweet, and the darkness envelopes but cannot consume.

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Sep 21,  · Pseudo Silk Kimono. 44 4K (4 Today) But why 'pseudo'? Reply. Sep 21, JanRockitnik Digital Artist. It's a reference to a song by the band Marillion. Reply. Sep 21, Load More. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. DeviantArt - .

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  5. Pseudo Silk Kimono Sheet Music (Piano) Marillion. Level 40/ (Ambitious) Scoring Leadsheet Category Pseudo Silk Kimono et Lavender - Marillion (piano cover) Duration: Instrument Cover. Pseudo SilK Kimono - Kayleigh - Lavender Keyboard cover by Fran Di Benedetto. Duration: Instrument Cover. Pseudo Silk Kimono - Kayleigh.
  6. Écoutez Pseudo Silk Kimono ( Remaster) par Marillion - Misplaced Childhood ( Remaster). Deezer: musique en streaming gratuite. Découvrez plus de 56 millions de titres, créez et écoutez vos propres playlists et partagez vos titres préférés avec vos amis.
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  8. Marillion - Pseudo Silk Kimono ( Remastered Version) Lyrics. Huddled in the safety of a pseudo silk kimono Wearing bracelets of smoke, naked of understanding Nicotine smears, long, long dried tears, in.
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